Stablished in the Faith

I want to praise the Lord for His work in His church here at Summerville this past week and over the years. This week we collected the majority of our baby bottles for the ministry of Next Step PIC. I praise the Lord for God working in record ways in His church here at Summerville in the support of the gift of life created in God’s image. This year we had more baby bottles checked out, more people participating, and far more money raised for this ministry than ever before. Between coins, cash, checks to Summerville Baptist, and checks to Next Step the total thus far is $2,245.00! To God be the Glory, great things He has done! I also want to praise the Lord for one of our bus children professing faith in Christ as her personal Saviour after responding in an invitation during Kid’s Bible Klub. Teri and Christy followed up on a personal visit with this young lady and shared the Gospel with her personally. After hearing the Gospel explained clearly, she prayed expressing her own faith in Jesus Christ as her personal Saviour. It all started last Sunday where God gave us a wonderful Lord’s Day with an increase in people attending the Sunday School and Adult Bible study hour, as well as more people in each of the other services during the week and some first-time guests attending. This was the close of a great month in February. God blessed us with progress in every measurable area of church ministry in the month of February over the past several years. God is still working in His church here at Summerville, and we want to acknowledge Him as the One worthy of praise for what is being accomplished. I also praise the Lord for how He directed in the hearts of His church here in decisions made last week regarding the future direction of His church. It is always a blessing to see the result of God leading the hearts of His body of believers to make unified decisions. Last Sunday as a church family, we decided unanimously to take on two new mission agencies dedicated to printing Scripture and Gospel tracts and supply them to missionaries around the world free of charge. We also decided unanimously to help a young couple serving in China who needed to be evacuated out of the country due to the Coronavirus outbreak and help cover the cost of their flight back to America. We also decided by a overwhelming majority to keep Bro. Eddie Samuel on our Deacon team as well as keeping Bro. Jim Lauman on as a Trustee and adding Bro. Daniel Pringle and Bro. Franklin Kobs. It is always a blessing to see God’s people doing God’s ministry according to God’s Word and to God’s glory. May we each do our part to keep God as the one leading His church to do His work, His way, following His Word, to His glory.