Spring into Life

I love the spring season of the year. Spring is the season of newness and freshness and new life springing forth from the ground with spring flowers blooming and tree budding with new growth. Spring displays the potential of the life that is beginning from planting of fields for crops, to the blossoming of fruit trees, and the birth of animal life from birds to land mammals and migrating fish; we see new life all around us filled with potential for the days ahead. Spring is also a great season in regards to the Bible with many significant events recorded for us by God’s inspiration. The deliverance of God’s people from Egyptian bondage and the institution of the Passover festival took place in the spring; the giving of God’s Law to Moses on Mt. Sinai took place later in the spring. The deliverance of God’s people from Haman, by Queen Esther obeying the encouragement of her uncle Mordecai, also took place in early spring and was celebrated just last month with the Purim festival. It is in the spring that we have Jesus being crucified, His resurrection, and later His ascension back into Heaven followed by the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost fifty days after Passover. All of these great events of history and Bible revelation took place in the spring season and are still celebrated during the months of spring. Spring is all about life and the most significant part of that is not what the secularist have made it to be with eggs and bunnies as a representation of life and fertility; the most significant part of life in the spring is the new life we can have spiritually and eternally due to the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead following His sacrificial death on the cross to pay the debt of our sins and to offer us forgiveness paid in full. Not only can we be forgiven of our old life in sin, but we can be given new life in Christ that will never end. Friend, if you have never received the life that Jesus made possible for you, then today is a great day to do so. It is done by faith in Him as you repent of you sins and believe on Him as your Saviour as detailed in the Bible. Christian, if you are not living in the newness of life that Jesus made possible for you and you received when you trusted Him as your Saviour, then today is a great day to get back on track or even begin for the first time in living life God’s way according to His Word unto His glory. Spring into the new possibilities that spring offers to you with the Lord.