Sowing the Seed

This week as I was going through the activities of living life and taking care of responsibilities, I passed out several Gospel tracts and I have been praying for God to use them. As Teri and I were praying one day this week, I was praying for the different opportunities God has blessed me with by living in this community for two decades and asking God to use those relationships and opportunities to draw people to Himself for eternity. I was thinking about that this week as I was working on sermons, as well in regards to us being a witness to the people around us. God has given His children the opportunity and responsibility to be seed sowers as we journey through life here on earth among others. In order to be a seed sower, we must make sure we have seed to sow. Being in the Word personally equips us with seed to sow and having Gospel tracts also gives us seed to sow and leave behind as we go through our day interfacing with people all around us. God intersects our lives with others as we go through our day in order to be an influence on them for Him. We need to seize those opportunities and be faithful to our Heavenly Father and speak His truth into their heart and mind and let God use it in them after we are gone. We need to look at our lives and our schedules and our relationships in light of eternity and realize that God often is strategically bringing our lives into contact with others who need to hear from His truth. Some of them are believers who need to be encouraged or challenged with God’s truth, but others are people who need to hear about God’s love and grace in His Gospel to bring them to faith in Him for Salvation. The sermon tonight, from Acts 17, is a great example of this as well as the episodes in Philip’s life recorded in Acts 8 when God sent him into the desert to reach one man who wanted to know God in his life personally. This is God’s plan today just as much as it was back in the book of Acts or the Gospel record of Jesus’ time on the earth or even the Old Testament in using the nation of Israel to introduce others to Himself. I want to encourage you to be equipped and prepared with the truth of God’s Word and Gospel to be a sower of God’s seed as you go through your living of life this week.