Sowing the Gospel Seed

I want to praise the Lord for every tract that was handed out this week at the Gospel Truth Booth at the Union County Fair. I praise the Lord for every witness that was given to those who would listen to the Gospel being shared with them. I praise the Lord for every prayer warrior that spent time in prayer before the throne of God standing in the gap, interceding for souls to be sensitive to listen and God’s ambassadors to be faithful in witnessing during the fair outreach this week. I praise the Lord for the promotion of KOLU at the fair and how God is answering our prayer of a conservative Christian radio station coming into our valley that will help us spread the pure Gospel message to souls living in our Jerusalem mission field. I praise the Lord for special offerings for KOLU from within our church family and within our valley who have given to support this radio station endeavor. I am thankful every month for those who are faithful to help their church in taking the Gospel message to homes in our corporate effort of reaching our Jerusalem in Door to Door outreach. I am thankful for every obedient servant of the Lord who takes Gospel tracts with them as they exit this house of worship and go out into our mission field to help us be obedient to our Lord’s Great Commission right here at home in the Grande Ronde Valley. I am thankful for every person that gives offerings above the tithe faithfully every month to our Faith Missions Giving to help us as a church family be obedient to our Lord’s command to spread the Gospel in every place unto the uttermost part of the earth through our Missions team located all over the world. I am thankful for every person who gives any amount in special offerings as we seek to raise funds for Bible printing and shipping to the Missionaries around the world supporting ministries like Lighthouse Baptist Press, BEAMS ministry, or Baptist Missionary Literature Foundation. Through your involvement in these matters, you are helping your church be a biblical church and be obedient to our Head, the Lord Jesus Christ. Our obedience to our Head is critical to our church being blessed of the Lord and us bringing God the glory He deserves. Our personal obedience to the Lord as individuals who make up this church body is critical for us as a church to be faithful to the Lord’s purpose for His church here on the earth. We must all ask ourselves personally and individually if we are doing our part as part of this church to help the Lord’s church in this place be blessed of the Lord as an obedient and biblical church.