Sowing the Gospel Seed

In Matthew 13:3 Jesus declared, in a parable, His will for every one of His followers when He said, Behold, a sower went forth to sow;” and no one should have any confusion about what we are to be doing while we are here on earth. We must always remember that we are to be sowers of the Gospel seed while we are being anything and everything else, we may be or do. There are many ways to sow the Gospel seed and the matter is not how but rather that we actually do sow the seed. We can so the seed as we pay an attendant at a store or a drive thru window. We can also sow the seed as we send a letter or card in the mail to a friend, family member, or even a perfect stranger we randomly find in the phone book. We can sow the seed as a delivery person, political candidate, or even a representative of a false religion comes to the door of our home. We can sow the Gospel by sharing our testimony of how we trust Christ as our own Saviour when we heard the Gospel message and repented of our own sins and asked Jesus to cleanse us so we could be right with the Holy God of Heaven. We can sow the seed of the Gospel by handing out Gospel tracts in our neighborhood, other neighborhoods, in the park, at a marketplace, or even walking downtown. By definition a sower is to sow. Therefore, a sower of seeds sows the seeds given to them to sow, in the same way the sower of the Gospel sows the Gospel message they have been given to sow. Jesus gave us His Gospel message that He came to establish in His death, burial, and resurrection to forgive individuals of their sins to sow in the field of the hearts and minds of the souls of people here on earth while we live here among them. That is our mission! That is the commission given to us by our Saviour. That is the responsibility that He commanded us to faithfully occupy until He came back for His followers. That is what we must be busy about doing for the Lord and with the Lord helping us. That is a big part of the faithful stewardship we will be accountable for when we give account to our Saviour at the Judgment Seat of Christ. This is part of what we must be doing to bring God glory in our lives.