Service Over Self

We live in a society in which self and self-preservation is being elevated to unbiblical proportions in this current generation. Between the pandemic, government shut downs of life being lived normally, and the government handing out money right and left to people whether they need it or not, to people choosing to stay home instead of go to work and face life because of uncertainties, we have too many people who are so focused on themselves that they cannot see the needs around them. God has not called His children to live this way. He wants us to live by faith and not by sight; He wants us to experience His peace in us not fear; He wants us to be other oriented and not self-focused. He wants His children to live life centered on Him and on His will for their lives, not living life centered on self or on this world. Three weeks ago, we voted to send out several thousand dollars to help meet needs of many of our missionary families. Two weeks ago, we celebrated the blessing of God on the Reasoner family and on Bridgeway Baptist Church and the help they received to pay off their new property. Last week we had the team from Passage Northwest and Crown College with us to help with outreach into our own community with the Gospel, and they left here loving Oregon and being burdened for the spiritual need here in the Northwest, which is our goal in having them come serve with us. Today, we are focusing our attention on God’s will for us as a church and for every church that is truly faithful to God and to His Word regarding His churches. God desires His truth and His ministry through His church to reach to every person in every place, and it is up to us to cooperate with Him as tools in His hand to be used by Him to accomplish His will on earth. As an individual believer and as an individual part in one of His churches, we must each one commit ourselves individually to do our part in His mission for His churches. We must be actively engaged in His mission for His churches. We must be giving to missions in others places and going as a missionary ourselves here where we live and praying earnestly for God to bring forth a harvest of souls in His harvest field of this world. Our goal and responsibility is not to save every person on the face of the earth, because not only is that not in our ability but it is also not God’s expectation for any of us; however, what He does expect of us all is to do our part in making sure every person in every place has exposure to His truth in His Word about his Gospel that has the capability to save their soul if they will trust it and obey it. Please pray with me that we as a church family will truly seek God and His will for each of us in our part personally and collectively in His will for us all as His church here in our mission giving and our missions going this next year for His glory in this place.