Serve One Another

I am thankful for the people in our society who are willing to serve others. God has given the readers of His Word this challenge declaring His will for us to “serve one another” but far too many are not willing to heed His call. We have too many in our society today who are happy to be served, but not enough who are committed to serve their fellow man. Many of the vital and critical roles that make any community a wonderful place to live are roles that involve serving the well-being of others. The people who come to our aid in a time of emergency are people who are willing to serve others. People who are willing to put their life in harms way in order to help another person are the people who make a difference in a community by serving others. Twenty-one years ago today, many of us were glued to our televisions as we watched a wicked attack on innocent people that was carried out by evil men who hated freedom. First responders ran into danger on that day to help others get to safety, and today we honor first responders who continue that spirit of service. Jesus established an example of a willingness to serve others, and His example is clearly declared in Scripture. He served us by leaving Heaven and coming to earth in human form. He served us by being willing to become our sacrifice for our sins so we can have forgiveness with God our Creator. He served us in a way that none of us could achieve on our own in our own good deeds or religious rituals for righteousness. He still serves us today in Heaven as the advocate of His followers at the right hand of the Heavenly Father. Part of being a follower of Jesus is to follow His example of living life here on earth according to I John 2:6. Therefore, we should serve others because Jesus set an example of service to others in His life while He was here on earth. Jesus even declared this Himself after He served His disciples by washing their feet at the Last Supper before His crucifixion and subsequent resurrection as stated in John 13:14. Our society is decaying in many ways right now. It has been decaying morally and spiritually for a long time, but today we are seeing the fruit of that decay in the current decay of many who refuse to work to earn their living and a growing decline of people entering a field of service to aid their fellow man. Today, we have a critical decline of people applying or volunteering for positions in various fields of first responders. I am thankful for every public servant we have today, and we need to pray for their safety and success in service. But we also need to pray for more to join them in service as well.