Seeking the Lord is Personal

You must decide for yourself how you are going to live and what you are going to make a priority in your life. When we stand before the Lord in our final judgement day, we will each stand before God alone, on our own, and answer to Him for our life that we have lived. Our friends won’t be with us, our spouse won’t be beside us, our parents won’t be there with us, and our children will not be around us either. We will not answer for them nor will we be able to use them for an excuse for what we chose to do either. Therefore, we should not be letting them be our excuse nor our dependency now. We must not, and truly cannot, let others determine our ability or success in seeking the Lord for ourselves in our own life.  It is sad how many of us often allow other people to be the reason why we do or even do not seek the Lord in our own life. We must come to the place where seeking the Lord is our priority for ourselves, and we determine to live life the way that is best for us, and that truly is with the Lord, no matter what anyone else does around us. Too many women use their husband or their children as an excuse for never becoming the person God wants them to be for Him and His glory on earth through them. Too many men use their wife or their job as their excuse to make them feel better about themselves never achieving God’s best for their life nor fulfilling His will in creating them. It is time to stop making excuses and start seeking the Lord for ourselves with His help. If anyone is willing to do that today, I promise you Satan will oppose you. Satan will always give you as many excuses and hinderances as you need to help you settle for less than God’s best and to not do what God calls you to do in this life for His glory in you and through you. Satan wants nothing more than to limit God’s glory that He is worthy of through the lives of mankind, who is created in His image and for His glory. Satan wants to keep you from enjoying God’s best for your life and your best blessings from God in your life. Satan wants to destroy, as much as possible, your life being used for God’s glory on this earth to accomplish His will being done through you. So, the choice is yours to make today. Will you seek the Lord in your life or not? Not only is the choice yours to make, but so too is the result of that choice to be experienced.