Seeking the Lord in Our Stewardship of Life

We are stewards of the things God has given unto us. The very first gift any person alive experienced from the Lord is the life that He gave to us and made possible. Our very existence is a gift from God and the length of time we have to live on this earth is also a gift from God. As a gift from God, we are accountable to the One that gave it to us as a steward of it. A steward is one who manages or cares for what is owned by another, and faithfulness of the care of what has been entrusted is required in a steward. As stewards of our life, we are accountable to God for how we live it, what we do with it, and what the result is of our management of it. As stewards, we are to be faithful to God with the life that He has given to us and the days given to us in our life. We need to be faithful to honor Him with our life and live it is a way that would be pleasing to the One that gave it to us. When we are working for another person and managing what belongs to them, it is wise and profitable to check in with them periodically to see if they feel their interests are being served well by our stewardship. It is also profitable to take a look at the job description we were given when we were hired on for the job we are doing for the one that hired us. I would encourage you to take time on a regular basis to read God’s Word to see how you are living up to the job description He has given to His creation and to His children while we are caring for His gifts entrusted to us. I would also encourage each of us to take time to seek the Lord to see what He thinks about the job we are doing as stewards of the gifts He has entrusted into our care. It is always good to have a periodic evaluation of how we are doing along the way, instead of coming to our final accountability and finding out the that we were missing the mark all along. This month our theme is seeking the Lord in our stewardship of life. Our life encompasses many gifts from God, and we are accountable to Him for our stewardship of each of the gifts entrusted to us by God while we live life here on earth. Our entire life lived is a gift from God, and we are to be faithful to Him in our living of it. I pray this month will be reviving in each of our lives in regards to our stewardship of the life we have been given by God.