Seeking the Lord for His Deliverance

We all are in great need of God’s deliverance in this life. Most of us can identify with Peter as we will see today in how he needed Jesus to deliver him from his own reactive, emotional, impetuous blunders. But truly, according to the declaration of God’s Word, every human being ever born needs the deliverance from sin that only the Lord can provide. One of the many differences from every false religion of man and the true faith of the Bible is the means of what they define as salvation. Every manmade religion teaches some form of man earning and meriting their improvement of condition with the deity being desired, whoever that deity may be. However, Biblical Christianity teaches that we cannot earn, not merit, our salvation and right relationship with the Almighty God on our own, but we are dependent on Him to make it available to us His way. God’s Word declares very clearly that God has provided our deliverance form our sins through the substitutionary death of His Son in our place as His sacrifice for our sins to be cleansed. We gain the benefit of His payment of our sins for us by simple, yet sincere, faith in Him alone because of what He has already done and accomplished for us in His death, burial, and resurrection. Seeking the Lord means being obedient to what He has called us to do in Him, through Him, and with Him. If we are truly followers of Jesus today, then we need to follow the same expectation that He gave to His disciples when He was here on earth with them and the same directive that God’s Word gives to us in many places. This is to be alert through prayer and living the way God has called His children to live here on this earth. If we will follow the plan He has given to us, it will help us to avoid some temptation and resist others to be faithful to the Lord. Seeking the Lord helps us to live life better and prepare for our accountability before ethe Lord in eternity best. I trust we will all let God’s Word and our worship of God help us in our obedience to His will to watch and pray while we are living life here on earth.