Seeking God’s Direction

When it comes to seeking the Lord, I think the Bible is pretty clear that prayer is a big part of that. It is also clear through Scripture, as well as recorded history that prayer is also a critical part of the reality of revival in the hearts of individuals, churches, communities, and nations. Prayer is a big part of relationship with God and without a good discipline of prayer we will never be the Christian God wants His children to be. To develop the kind of Christian character that has an eternal impact on our society requires a strong devotion to prayer in and intimate relationship with God. Religion already has too much heartless, cold, rote prayers that are powerless to change things on earth or to move the God of Heaven to work. Without prayer that truly connects us humans with the divine God of eternity, we are left wandering through life on earth in our own limited understanding. If we are going to do God’s will, we must first seek God for His will to be made clear to us. Prayer is how we seek God for His direction, and He responds by giving us His direction in many ways. When the leadership of the church body brings a recommendation to the church asking them to pray about it, that is exactly what we want you to do. Before we bring it to the church, we have prayed over it ourselves in seeking God’s direction on even bringing it to the church; we do not want the church family to make decisions for the Lord’s church without seeking the Lord for His direction. It is critical for everyone in this church of the Lord’s to make decisions in response to the direction of the Lord in their own heart as a result of seeking the Lord in prayer. If we, as a church body, are going to follow the Lord’s will, we must seek the Lord’s will in prayer and this requires purpose on our part to be disciplined in truly praying for God’s direction. We have asked you to pray for a decision regarding our mission’s support and today I trust you are ready to make the decision God wants us to make together.