Satisfied with God’s Love

The month of January we focused our attention on our theme, “Satisfied.” As we move into this new month of the year, we are moving a bit deeper in our theme as well. Last month, we focused on how to be satisfied according to our theme text in Proverbs 19:23; and this month, we are looking at a specific aspect of being satisfied in the Lord’s love for us as His creation and His children. Our theme passage for February is Psalm 36:7-8. The lovingkindness of the Lord our God causes us to love Him back, share His love with others, and enjoy being the object of His affection. God’s love for us is an amazing biblical truth worthy of our consideration of thought and pondering the wonderful truths that Scripture reveals to us. The love of God for His Children, that He has cleansed of their sins, should draw them to love Him back and live for His glory in gratitude for all He has made available to us by faith in His Son. The more we learn about His great love for us from His Word, the more it ought to draw us closer to Him to enjoy His love more in our lives personally. One of the best places to learn truth from God’s Word in order to understand His Word more is in His worship in His house, just as we are doing on this Lord’s Day gathering. These realities are the very things that should cause God’s people to desire to be in His house and in His Word. This can truly satisfy the child of God in great ways as we grow closer to our Saviour and enjoy the satisfaction of resting in Him and His love for us. When we cheat ourselves from knowing God more, then we also cheat ourselves from enjoying our relationship more. I want to encourage you to be faithful to the gathering of God’s people in His house so you can benefit more from His work in this place. If you do not attend each of the services offered by this church body, let me encourage you to commit yourself in this new year to adding one more service time to your schedule. If you are not usually part of the Sunday School hour before morning worship, add that to your schedule this year and benefit from another opportunity to be fed more of God’s Word and benefit from His love more. If you do not come to the Sunday evening or maybe you miss out on our mid-week service or perhaps you do not take part in any of our many prayer meeting opportunities, please consider stepping one step further in your involvement and commitment to the Lord and His church here at Summerville. Make this year a year for further growth by more exposure to the ministry of His church working in your life to His glory.