Satisfied Through God’s Word

God’s Word is essential to being “satisfied” in this life and in eternity as well. God’s Word is also essential to understanding and living in the fear of the Lord. God’s Word is also essential to God’s wisdom, which is also essential for living life in the fear of the Lord in order to be truly “satisfied” and “abide satisfied” in your life and with your life. Often when we struggle with what we call discouragement or even depression, the underlying issue is a matter of not being “satisfied” with our life. When we fall prey to Satan’s destructive deception of self-destructive behavior, it is often because of not being “satisfied” in with how living life is going for us. Contentment is critical to being “satisfied” in life and in God’s Word and living according to God’s Word with God’s wisdom is essential to learning to be contentment through our life lived here on earth in our human experience. I love hearing of “satisfied” people who have been blessed by their experience here at Summerville Baptist Church. I love when a first-time guest leaves saying they already plan on coming back because they were blessed by being in this place of worship. I love hearing people who have served and worshipped here longer than I have been around say how blessed they are by what God has done and is still doing through His work in His church here at Summerville. I love hearing people who are still “satisfied” with God in their life and His Word speaking to their heart, because they have not allowed it to get old or cold over the years. I love hearing young people declare that they are thankful and “satisfied” that there is an option of a church that is built on the truth of God’s Word, where Christ is preeminent, the Bible is preached, Bible Doctrine is important, and conservative music is sung that upholds Bible truth. Here is one such testimonial of what God’s work in this place has meant to them through their years of living so far. Summerville Baptist Church has had an incredible impact on my life. Not only is it the place that I spent a lot of my childhood and teenage years, but it is the place that God got ahold of me. There is nothing quite like God using a message on tithing to lead you to salvation. The Church family has always been there for me, and I don’t believe I could wish for a better one. In conclusion, the under shepherd of Summerville Baptist has always encouraged me when I needed encouragement and chastised me when I needed that as well. I love the Church I was brought up in, and it will always hold a special place in my heart.”