Satisfied in Christ

This year we have been talking about being satisfied as we have gone through each month. We have talked about being satisfied in Christ and in our relationship with Him as our Saviour. When we realize how sinful we are in our natural condition and we recognize how undeserving we are to be in Christ, then it helps us to truly be thankful and content with the forgiveness we have only in Him. We have also talked about being satisfied in His Word and letting Him speak to us and grow us in His Word as we spend time with Him listening to His Spirit teach us His Word. We also took time to learn about the importance of being satisfied and content as we journeyed through a study of the book of Ecclesiastes and saw how King Solomon made many foolish choices because of not being satisfied. Now we are looking at finding our satisfaction in God’s will for our lives and for His churches in His plan to spread His saving message from His Word to every person in every place on earth. Global evangelization is about getting the gospel to every person in every place so they can hear the truth and have the opportunity to respond in faith in order to find the satisfaction of their soul eternally in Christ. God has revealed Himself to every person in every place in His creation as we looked at in Psalm 19, and in the same text we see that His Living Word, Jesus, and His written Word of Holy Scripture are further revelations of Himself to mankind so His truth can make them free indeed eternally in Christ. No human being is ever going to find satisfaction in living for themselves and their fleshly desires, because we are created by our Creator for something far greater than that. No true child of God is going to experience the depth of satisfaction in their soul that they can have in Christ without being submitted to His will for their lives. We have been given a role and a responsibility in the work our Saviour came to establish in His church on earth with His followers. We have been gifted by His Spirit indwelling us to do His work on earth through His churches that we help to make up as a body of believers. We will never truly be satisfied until we are faithfully engaged in taking part in His plan of reaching the world with His Gospel here at home where we live and in other places through support of finances, prayers, and encouragement. Are you taking part faithfully?