Satisfied contentment

If we are going to be satisfied with the Lord in our lives, then we must find that satisfaction with the help of His Word. God has given us His Word to help us to know Him personally and to live out His will for our lives successfully. Experiencing His love in our lives is critical to living a life of satisfaction here on earth and in eternity as well. Being born again is the first step in experiencing His love in our lives personally. Born again spiritually through faith in His Son as His only sacrifice to pay the debt of our sin against the one, true, living, and loving Holy God of Heaven who is the Creator of the universe and sovereign Judge over all of His creation. However, that is only the first step. We need to continue experiencing His love in our lives personally through intimate fellowship with Him in living life obediently in His will for His glory here on earth. As we grow to know Him more, we can experience more of His work and power in our lives to be used to accomplish His will on earth in us and through us as His faithful servants. Being satisfied involves being content and being content in order to be satisfied is a learned experience according to God’s Word penned by the Apostle Paul in the letter to the Philippians in chapter four and verse eleven. Our carnality is not naturally content in our fleshly existence and, therefore, finding satisfaction is highly elusive to us humans by nature. However, in Christ and with God’s help in our lives through His Word and His Spirit we can learn to be content and therefore enjoy being satisfied in this life we live on earth as well as live it God’s way. In Christ with God as our Heavenly Father, we can be content if our state of being is wonderful or even if it is difficult. We can learn to be content if our state of living is on a tight budget living very simply or if we are blessed with exceeding economic benefits. In the Lord and His will for our lives, we can develop being content with good health or even when we are not doing very well in our health. When we know we are doing God’s will and living God’s way, we can enjoy the peace of God in our lives that can help us to find contentment in all things through Him strengthening us with satisfaction in Him personally.