2020 brought us much dissatisfaction, and I am praying that 2021 will be a journey becoming more satisfied with the Lord and His work and will in our lives and on earth. The Bible teaches us that being satisfied and content in life is a state being that has to be learned; therefore, it can be developed. I am praying that we will all develop and grow in this vital quality of life so it can help us face challenges in the years to come. 2020 began the hype and hysteria of the politicizing of COVID 19 with our president shutting down travel from China where the pandemic began and spread from and the liberal lefts, led by Biden, calling his decision Xenophobic and over reaction. Many political leads and media condemned his action and promoted China and Chinese businesses to the American people. 2020 ended with a national election that is still up to debate because of clear violation to the Constitution in several states that changed the outcome of the election for the entire nation. And through the whole year, we have constantly heard differing and conflicting messages from the scientists who are supposed to be the authorities guiding us through this health crisis and blatant hypocrisy on the part of many elected leaders who are mandating great hindrances to our freedoms while violating their own over reaching demands in their personal life. And if all that wasn’t enough, many state leaders are destroying the economy with selective business shut downs, many of which make no scientific sense, then deciding to go into deeper debt giving away money instead of granting tax breaks to people and businesses devastated by their mandates. Truly there is much to cause us to be dissatisfied with here on planet earth among mankind; however, for the child of God, we should always find reasons to get back to a state of being satisfied in the Lord. As our world gets worse and the time of the Lord’s return hastens, we must learn how to maintain our contentment with godliness which is a great gain to the Believer that the world cannot achieve without faith in the Lord. This can be a powerful aspect of our witness to this world in the days ahead if we can be personally effective in learning it more in our own lives this year. I hope you will faithfully walk with the Lord and with me, as His under shepherd in this flock, as we travel a journey of growth in learning to be satisfied with Him and His will this year. God has given us many examples in His Word of many other humans just like me and you who exhibited this impressive quality in far worse adverse circumstances than we have today, and we can benefit from their example. May we be better examples of this quality of being “Satisfied” to those watching our lives this year.