Running Out of Time

I personally believe that the return of Jesus Christ is soon. However, I realize people have been saying that since the ending of the recording of the New Testament era of time. But no one can dispute the truths of Scripture, like James 4:14, that speaks of our lives as a vapor that is fleeting, and of Proverbs 27:1 that reminds us that there are no guarantees about tomorrow. I shared with someone this week a truth that I have heard many times in my life, “We need to plan like we have a lifetime to live, but live with an urgency that life is over tomorrow.” The fact is that we need to hold our jobs in order to pay our bills like there is a future, but we do not need to be a workaholic like that is all that matters. We need to put money in savings and prepare for future expenses, but we do not need to hoard as much as possible and not enjoy giving and living life. We need to relax a bit and refresh ourselves for the endurance journey of life, but we should not worship our “me time” as an idol of self-indulgence. One thing we humans are good at is extremes in life; therefore, we desperately need the help of the Spirit of God in us to maintain balance and perspective in these matters. The fact is that life on this earth is running out for us all in one way or another, and what we can only do here on earth we need to be busy doing now. The only time a lost person can get saved is while they are living here on earth. The only time we can prepare for our accountability before the Lord is in the nasty now and now of life, not the sweet by and by of eternity. The only time we can witness to a lost person as a follower of Jesus is while we are living among them here and now. The only time we can have an eternal impact on the lives of those around us on earth is now while we are around them. The only time we can tell a loved one how much they mean to us, how much we love them, and how much they bless us to encourage them in their journey of life is now while we travel this journey of life with them. There are some things that we will continue to do in eternity as children of God that we enjoy now in a different way, but there are many things that we can only do now and we need to make sure we are getting them done or we are going to have many great regrets.