Rooted in Christ to be Steadfast, Unmovable, and Abounding

We are seeing a lot of reaction to circumstances rather than living in reality of truth. We are seeing too much resulting from fear instead evidence of faith. We are listening to the commentary of man’s wisdom rather than listening to the truth of God and His perfect wisdom found in His Word. We are beginning to see the reality of overreacting to temporal circumstances with decisions that will result in long lasting consequences. We are seeing the need to get our motives and our purposes from our eternal relationship with God rather than the ever-changing reasoning of man. God’s Word has much to say about these matters, and we would do well to be familiar with what it has to say. God records many events of history in which God’s people and the people of the world face uncertainty and challenges. We are given examples of those who failed, and we should learn how to do things differently. We are also given many examples of those who experience success in bringing God glory and dealing with the difficulties of life well and obediently. Those who have been disobedient and unfaithful have experienced unnecessary difficulties and forfeited the blessings of God they could have enjoyed. While those who have been faithful have benefitted from the presence of God, the power of God, the protection of God, and the peace of God as they have gone through the difficult experiences of this life. It is critical in times like these to walk by faith and not by sight, as the child of God is instructed to do at all times. Our faith is being tested and it is important for us to pass the test, not only for God’s glory in our lives and our accountability to God in eternity, but also for our witness to the lost that are around us seeing our response to the same challenges they are facing as well. You are in my prayers and I trust you are praying for others as well. If you need a friend to reach out to, please do so and you are welcome to reach out to me. We are truly in this thing together, but more importantly as a child of God, we are in this thing with our great and mighty God.