Rooted in Christ

As we say good-bye to 2019 and hello to 2020, we embark on a new journey of discovery with the Lord in the New Year. Our theme in 2019 was “Steadfast, Unmovable, Abounding”, and I truly believe that many in our church family experienced that through our journey of worship in the Word together over the past year, as well as by their own walk with the Lord personally. Our new theme is a good complement to that just as last year’s theme complemented the theme of “Anchored” in 2018. For 2020, our theme is taken from Colossians 2:7, and it is “Rooted in Christ”. Being rooted helps a tree be steadfast, unmovable, and abounding in fruitfulness and God calls His children to “be like a tree planted by the rivers of water” in Psalm 1:3. Being Rooted in Christ by faith in Him and being Rooted in His Word by faith in its truthfulness helps any and every child of God to be fruitful in their life here on earth. When the child of God is fruitful, they bring glory to their God and Father in Heaven, of which He is completely deserving. Being rooted begins with being planted by faith in Christ as your personal Saviour. But it does not end with that; it also includes walking with Him in intimate fellowship, communion, and worship on a moment by moment basis as the Scripture describes in the word “alway” 23 times in the King James Bible. We should never allow anything to disturb our closeness with the Lord. Just like Colossians 3:15 tells us very clearly that we should be so sensitive to the peace of God in our hearts that we immediately know when we have offended the Lord in our lives, and we get it right quickly so that we do not continue with our fellowship hindered. I have just penned out for you many of the sermon topics that we will be examining over the days ahead. Today, we begin a new journey of discovery in the Word of God looking at this vital theme for every child of God. If we trust and obey the Lord and His Word, this year can be a wonderful year of growth, fruitfulness, and bringing glory to God for each and every one of us here today. If you are not rooted in Christ today, you can be if you wish to be. We root ourselves in Him by faith, fully relying on Him alone for our eternity and our daily living. Join me in this wonderful journey through the Word of God this year.