“Revival is All About Seeking the Lord”

Today, we give thanks to the Lord for His great goodness unto us with His answer to our prayers in regards to the 31st annual Northwest Bible Conference. God did great and mighty things through His blessings on your effort of service unto His glory. The spirit of the meeting and fellowship was fantastic and everyone left encouraged. We received a record dollar amount of commitments to help meet needs presented in the conference for which we give praise to the Lord. The preaching of God’s Word was truly Spirit-filled and most sermons brought in the truth of our theme in regards to revival in our lives, churches, and communities. If we are going to see revival then we must seek the Lord. Revival is the working of God in the hearts of His people as they seek Him with their whole heart in turning away from the world and our sinfulness. When we truly seek the Lord, we are going to be focused on Him instead of other things. When we are truly seeking God, then we will be doing it in His Word, in prayer, and in worship. If we are truly seeking the Lord, then it will change some things in our lives that are not as godly as they ought to be for His children who have His Spirit living in them. If we are truly seeking the Lord, then we are going to love what He loves, hate what He hates, and be faithful to what He calls us to do with Him and for His glory. If we truly are seeking the Lord, then it will make our influence on other believers more holy and our influence on the lost most evangelistic. If God’s people are truly seeking the Lord with the hearts and lives, then churches are going to be more filled, more energized, more funded, and more impacting in the world around them in doing the work of God on earth while we are here. If we are truly seeking God, then God’s will is going to be done by His children more than our own will of our flesh or Satan’s will for us. Today, we embark on a journey in God’s Word and through history, looking at the reality of revival in a desire to see God do it once again in His people for His glory on earth as it is in Heaven.