Remembering Memorial Day

Memorials are all about reminding us of important and significant people, places, and particular events that have shaped our history to where we are today. Our calendar is being filled with special days of recognition. In fact, some days are recognized for more than one thing. However, this weekend stands out as a significant and special day in our nation as we remember the men and women that have gone on into eternity from this earth who have served our nation in the United States Armed Forces. It was originally known as Decoration Day because of the traditional act of decorating the graves of veterans with US flags and flowers. The first organized event recorded in history for this purpose was held on May 5, 1866, in Waterloo, New York; two years later, General John A. Logan declared the first nationwide day of May 30, 1868, as a day to remember those that died in the Civil War battles in our nation. It is fitting that those who selflessly serve to protect others are remembered and honored for their service. It is wholly appropriate that the people of our nation are called to remember these heroes who have lived, served, and left us so their services and their existence is not forgotten. It is right and proper that those who benefit from their service take time to recognize their service and express their gratitude for the price of our freedom. In churches all over the nation today, time will be dedicated in the worship services to remember those who have served our nation. Tomorrow, in cemeteries all across our great nation, there will be services to honor those that have been laid to rest in those hallowed grounds, and I wish to encourage you to take your family to experience one of those services. Here in the Grande Ronde Valley we host two such events at two different times in two different cemeteries. Let me exhort you to fit at least one of these services into your celebration schedule tomorrow. The first is at 8AM around the flag pole at Summerville Cemetery where Doran Hopkins will be sharing about four of his family members from our valley that served our nation, and I will share from God’s Word. There are grave markers in our cemetery honoring those who have served in every battle of our nation since the Civil War. The second is at 11AM at the ring of honor around the flag pole at the Grandview Cemetery in LaGrande. Let us each one remember those who have served and sacrificed for our freedoms.