Reaching the Next Generation

We cannot give up on reaching out to the lost! We must not become complacent in ministering to the youth! God forbid that we become apathetic or lethargic in this final episode of human history. God’s call to worldwide evangelization has not changed as we were challenged with last week by Bro. Dwight Tomlinson. And God’s desire to reach the youth of our community and our nation is still as critical as ever in this modern generation as we will be challenged by Evangelist Eric Goetsch today. And just like this church began with a ministry to children, we must continue reaching children unto the end of our time on earth as we will focus on next week with Back to School Sunday as we pray over our children and students. God’s command to warn the lost in our own community of the impending doom they face in eternity apart from Christ is still active today. I appreciate Pastor Steve and Sister Sharon and all their efforts, along with Sister Christy and Bro. Timothy, to offer our teens and their friends a fun and engaging Forge Youth Revival this week with Bro. Goetsch and his family. The Word of God was proclaimed for all who wanted to take part and the Holy Spirit was working for all who would yield to Him. Eternity will display the results of this week even if it may not be visible to some today. I personally believe that every dollar we spend in ministry to students today is an investment in the adults of tomorrow and every soul is worthy of our investment for eternity. This is why we still keep a priority of ministry of every age group here at Summerville Baptist Church. We refuse the status quo of many churches to focus on youth at the neglect of those in their upper years. But we also reject giving in to only focusing on the older folks while ignoring the youth. Jesus came to reach out to whosoever and our outreach needs to be to whosoever as well. My prayer is that we will always offer Vacation Bible School to the children, Youth Revivals to the teens, and fellowships to the senior saints. My prayer is that we will always staff Sunday school classes and Bible studies for children, teens, and adults. My prayer is that we will never stop offering adult, youth, and children Wednesday ministries even if only a few see them as a priority. My prayer is that we will never stop offering bus service for children and adults alike who need a ride to get to church on Sunday and Wednesday. The question is, who in the Lord’s church here today will agree with me enough to be engaged in making sure we let God use us to fulfill these prayers.