Praying for Revival Beyond Our Church

We are delighted to have one of our missionaries with us this morning. As we pray for revival in our own community and country, we also need to be praying the same for our missionaries and their ministries. Our missionaries face many challenges that we need to intercede for them in prayer. We need to pray for their needs spiritually, physically, financially, emotionally, and regarding their ministry. Several of our missionaries are serving in locations in which the ministry they are doing is illegal or not desired by the government and for them we need to pray for their protection as they serve undercover. Some of our missionaries serve in places in which there are unique sicknesses and we need to pray for their protection of health. Satan opposes all of our missionaries in every place they are serving and in many of these places he has held a strong hold for a long time and he works aggressively to maintain his stronghold. Therefore, we need to pray for their success with the power of the Holy Spirit working through them over the power of Satan. Our missionaries travel many miles to their field of ministry, in their field of ministry, and while they are home on furlough or traveling on deputation so we need to pray for their safety in travel and their vehicles to get them to their destination. While all of these are genuine prayer needs, they also have many of the exact same prayer needs each of us have in our own daily lives as well. When we take on a missionary family or agency, we are making a commitment to them of support financially and in regards to prayer. They need our prayer support as much as our money. Everyone can pray for our missionaries. Everyone can give something financially to our missionaries. Everyone can adopt a missionary to build a personal relationship with them. Our missionaries need everyone to be engaged and involved in supporting them in their efforts of spreading the Gospel around the world as we do our part to obey God’s command for us to do the same right here in the Grande Ronde Valley.