Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

God tells us in Psalm 122:6 to “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:” and that admonition is on our prayer bulletin every Wednesday for our prayer meeting. The verse also states that the hope of that peace in is the prosperity of loving the Lord which is only experienced in a personal relationship with Him by faith in Jesus Christ as Messiah and Saviour. The Hope of Jerusalem, of Israel, or the Jewish people, and of all people for the greatest reality of peace and the only eternal peace is found in God’s redemption through Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for our sins in His death and resurrection. This is the same for everyone. Every life, Jew or Gentile, is a sinner in need of a Saviour and the only remedy for sin and a Saviour for the world in Jesus Christ. There is a lot of talk about peace, and yet we still have no peace. The Antichrist will come with a message of peace; however, that peace will be very short lived because it will not be real, so it won’t be lasting. This week we are hearing a theme of unity from a voice that has been so divisive for the past several years, but it seems to be empty words when so many people are so frustrated with how we got to where we are now. Peace comes from hope and hope comes from confidence in truth of information and that is best found in the Lord and in His Word not from politicians or world leaders. This is also the key to one of the worst atrocities known to mankind in the devaluing of human life. That is what the Nazi’s did to the Jewish people in Europe prior to World War II and that is what our Supreme Court did in 1973. They got away with murder by devaluing a certain segment of humanity based on the fear mongering of untrue information. And here we are again as a nation and as a world. We have had a year of excused government over reach based on the fear caused by information and some of that information has clearly been false.  The peace that Israel needs most is the same peace that America and every other nation needs. It is a peace that the Bible declares in many places that is found in the hope that only the Lord can bring. This is the same peace that helps us when doctors say there is no hope for life. As one woman told her daughter when doctors said the only choice for her pregnancy was abortion, “as long as there is a heartbeat there is hope.” Today, that baby who doctors said had to be aborted is a 22 year-old, prolife advocating woman, who is perfectly healthy and speaking up for the voiceless unborn that many seek to destroy. The current estimation of Focus on the Family is that their “Option Ultrasound” program has saved the lives of 465,000 babies in fifteen years. This is one of many efforts to get accurate information to women about the value of every life, even pre-born life. We must speak up for the value of every life. We must proclaim the life-giving message of the Gospel of Christ. We must pray for the peace of Jerusalem.