Praise the Lord!

Today I want to praise the Lord for His bountiful blessings that He has bestowed in answer to prayer. The Lord has blessed us wonderfully as a result of the prayers of His people in regard to our Faith Missions Giving. I praise the for a record number of cards returned on the first day to the best of my knowledge with 29 cards turned last Sunday. If history repeats itself, we could end up with a record number of total cards returned in the next few weeks. I also want to praise the Lord for a possible record number of first-time participants taking part in Faith Missions Giving with 7 cards acknowledging their first time to take part in Missions giving at Summerville Baptist Church. I also praise the Lord for a record number of people participating in the Uttermost Offering of 18 people marking to send support specifically to the 10/40 Window nations above their regular Missions giving and tithes to the church ministry here locally. Another thing I want to praise the Lord for is the total amount committed to on the first day for the coming year of Missions giving. From the 29 people who committed to give the Lord burdened their hearts to give a total of $37,100.00 to Faith Missions in the coming year, which is a record amount as well. Again, if history bares true for next year about 10% more will come in than was actually committed to and that would put our Missions giving to over $40,000.00 for the first time in the history of the church. I am excited to see God answering these prayers for His church here and growing our faith for His glory. I look forward to seeing how all this develops over the coming days as the Lord continues to work in the hearts of people yielded to Him and His will. I also want to praise the Lord for many who prayed for Shane and I as we travelled to Florida this week to spend time with my dad and other family members. The fishing and weather were not that great, but the visiting was a blessing to us all. I also got to visit with Josh Thompson who planted and pastored Pacific Baptist Church in McMinnville, OR before moving to Pensacola to become a professor at the college in the Pastoral Theology department. We supported him and his church plant for a while and we are thankful for Louis Wardrip, Sister Corrine Wilfong’s son, continuing that church ministry. Bro. Thompson has also become the new pastor of a small church there in Pensacola and we were able to take part in their Wednesday evening service. It great to see God’s servants faithfully serving in His churches all over s we travel. As a parent, I am reminded of the words of III John 4 as I see my adult children walking and serving with the Lord on their own and hear of the testimony they are building for God’s glory as His adult children. God is so good to me!