“Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow”

I want to praise God for His answers to our prayers in regard to the Northwest Bible Conference that was hosted by the Lord’s church in this place this past week. First of all, I want to praise Him for the fact that His church here has been hosting this conference for 29 years in an effort to encourage God’s servants, meets the needs of others, and give an opportunity for great preaching to be enjoyed by so many from around the Pacific Northwest. He answered our prayers for great weather and for a wonderful turnout of guests from all around. We had a high attendance of 214 on Monday night, 65 preachers representing 57 different churches from 9 different states and 1 foreign country. He also answered our prayers for a wonderful out pouring of God’s love from God’s servants to help meet the needs of others and by our church body to serve our guests. We had six different needs presented for the projects offering, and we had $13,070.00 pledged to be given to those needs. However, we also had $1,278.00 come in the offerings on Tuesday that was undesignated to be used for each need and we had $683.00 come in designated that was not pledged. This totals up to $15,031.00, and there are several preachers who were not able to come to the meeting that said they were sending checks to be used for the projects offering as well. Since I have been keeping records of this conference, that is a record amount for the Needs Project Offering; I praise God for how He worked in the hearts of His people to help others in need. We prayed for the preaching to be greatly used by God and God wonderfully answered that prayer as well. Many of the sermons centered around prayer, which is a critical aspect of biblical Christianity for every one of God’s children. In our prayer meeting in preparation for the Bible conference, we looked at Jeremiah 33:3 several times. In our prayer meetings, we called on God to do great and mighty things and He did. He greatly blessed the spirit of the meeting, the involvement of the church family here, and the fruit of the meeting as well. I want to thank every one of you who took part in the work of the Bible Conference, as well as in the preaching services. I pray that God will bring forth spiritual fruit in our church body here because of your involvement in this opportunity to bring God glory and bless His children.