Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow

If you missed out on the Bible Conference this year, then you really missed out. I would greatly encourage you to take part in the services online and let God bless your heart with His Word. God did a wonderful work in our midst, and it is truly marvelous in our sight. He answered all of our prayers for which we give Him thanks, glory, and praise. God brought 60 different preachers from 36 different churches that represented 11 different states and one Province of Canada. I was blessed that 15 preachers came for the first time, and there were several members of churches also here for the first time. I also want to praise the Lord for 40 different individuals from Summerville Baptist Church that chipped in to take part in the work of the ministry to the glory of the Lord and the blessing of all of these servants of the Lord. I want to praise the Lord that of the preachers who were here there were 7 of them that shared needs that they were seeking help with and many more shared prayer concerns that we lifted up in prayer as well. I praise God for His enabling and directing in the hearts of His people to raise over $16,000.00 to be given to help with the physical needs that were presented at the Bible Conference this year. One need for Bibles was totally funded while the others were helped substantially. One of the new preachers introduced to the Bible Conference this year will be back with us tonight for our evening service. They are planting a like-minded church in northern Idaho, and I want you to meet them and hear their burden, because he needs 10 more churches to partner with them to help them plant this Biblical Baptist Church successfully; I would love for us to be one of those to invest in them. I was pleased that we could introduce Bro. Raleigh Hill to many new preachers who were here and were able to hear him preach God’s Word and listen to his testimony and burden from the Lord.  This is why we host this meeting every year. This is why we proceeded with the meeting again this year after the heartbreak of having to cancel last year. This is the vision of what God pressed upon Bro. Beickel 31 years ago, and the church took upon themselves to keep going for the past 21 years since he has been gone to Utah. God has given us a tremendous privilege of ministering for a couple days each year to His servants and to His churches from all over the Northwest and beyond to encourage, equip, and exhort in the ministry that God has given to them. May God continue to lead His church here to continue this ministry to His servants until He returns for us all!