Pleasing God!

Our greatest purpose as humans is to please our Creator. This is the primary difference between the Biblical Worldview of life and the universe and every other conceivable worldview people profess belief in today. Humanism says personal awareness and pleasure is the chief end of man, but the Biblical Christian knows that the chief end of man is to honor and to serve his Creator, the Lord God Almighty. The Bible also makes it clear to us how we can please our Creator God and how we displease Him. Obedience to His Word is critical to pleasing the Creator God of the universe. God’s will is clearly delineated for us in His Word to us, the Holy Bible. Our greatest reason for repenting of our sins and trusting in Christ as our Saviour is so that we can be cleansed of our sins and receive His righteousness so we can please God. Our greatest reason to meet with God daily in His Word and in His worship is so we can know Him more and grow closer to Him in order to please Him more that day. The greatest reason to live obediently to the Lord and His Word is so our living of life can please Him more. The greatest reason to be faithful to corporate worship in God’s house on the Lord’s Day is to please Him as His children. The greatest reason to work at having good relationships with others here on earth is in order to please God. The greatest reason to go to work, do a good job at work, earn your way in life, and be a good steward of your earnings and resources is to please God. The greatest reason to believe what you believe and be sure of why you believe it is to please God. The greatest and most holy reason to do all that we do and be sensitive to how we are doing is in order to please God because He deserves to be pleased as the great God that He is. In fact, the greatest reason to be engaged in personal evangelism, personally spreading the Gospel in your area, and investing in helping others to spread the Gospel in other places; is also because it pleases God. Proclaiming the Gospel to the lost around us is not just so they can be saved from hell and live eternally in Heaven with God; it is primarily about pleasing God and helping others be able to please Him in their lives as well. Let us keep the main thing the main thing and the main thing for every human created by God in His image is to please God in our own lives.