Peace in the Lord

God’s people have golden opportunity at such a time as this to show forth the reality of our faith in the face of the chaos and panic so many are experiencing with the COVID 19 Pandemic. The idea of being anchored in Christ, being steadfast in Christ, and being rooted in Christ are not merely catchy Bible phrases for a ministry theme–they are intended to be truth for living real life as a child of God here on earth. God covers personal hygiene in His Word to help His children stay healthy and the health experts of our days are telling us that good personal hygiene is the best prevention. The Bible gives us cautions about personal contact with people who have certain sicknesses and even the idea of quarantine for those who have a communicable health concern. God has covered much of these matters in His Word for His people, so the news headlines of our day with this issue should not be new information for us. God tells us to trust in Him and to seek His comfort in the face of the trials of life and that is how God’s people should be handling this matter today. God’s people need to be people of prayer not panic. We should be people of faith not fear. We should be part of the solutions not part of the problems facing our current societal challenges. If you are sick and don’t feel well, then by all means stay home until you get better. We have our services posted on our website for all who cannot make it out to God’s house with God’s people for corporate worship. This has been in place for several years now, and it is available for such a time as this. So, if you must stay home, please log on and join us for worship from your home on the website. It is not exactly the same, but it is good for when you cannot make it out. It is important to be practical about this issue, but it is also important not to overreact in panic. If we face this challenge with faith instead of fear, we have a wonderful opportunity to be a witness to our lost friends and loved ones who have no hope when facing their own mortality. Sharing Jesus and faith in Him in times of fear is a great opportunity for God’s people to be part of the solution in times of crisis. Let us pray about the issues of our day. Let us be wise in our personal hygiene and health care. But let us trust in the Lord most of all instead of being fearful in the face of the unknown matters of health.