Patriot Sunday

Today we remember what should never be forgotten. This past Wednesday we recognized and remembered the attacks on our nation by those who hate America, Americans, and the freedom of America. We were not attacked because of our aggression against others, but because of our freedom of enterprise, religion, and belief that all men are created equal with rights by their Creator. We were attacked by people who want everyone to believe exactly the way they believe whether they want to or not. This day of remembrance is not only about the awareness of the attack on our nation and the loss of innocent lives, but it also about the bravery of men and women who are willing to endanger their own lives to help respond to emergencies every day. Eighteen years ago this week, 343 firefighters, 60 law enforcement officers from three different agencies, and 10 emergency medical personnel lost their lives serving others. Today we recognize the professionals that willingly serve and put their lives in harms way. On average over the past 40 years, 110 firefighters lose their lives in the line of duty every year. For law enforcement officers, the average per year over 40 years is 185 who are killed in the line of duty. For our current year, 85 law enforcement officers and 33 firefighters have died in the line of duty. These public servants deserve our respect and appreciation for their willingness to serve in our communities to protect us and to aid us in our emergency situations. When we think of those who serve to protect us in our communities, we cannot help but think of those who also serve us in our US Military. They are truly deserving of our appreciation, respect, and prayers as well. They put their lives in harm’s way for the benefit of others and every year many of them lose their lives in the line of duty.
God’s Word tells us that there is no greater expression of love than when we put the life of another person ahead of our own life. John 15:13 “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” Thankfully for us all, Jesus loved us all enough to lay down His life for us in His sacrifice to pay the debt of our sins on the cross. In His sacrifice and resurrection, He made it possible for any of us to receive His forgiveness of our sins by receiving Him as our Saviour by faith based on the truth of the Gospel recorded for us in God’s Word