Our Time

During this month and the next couple of months, we are focusing the attention of our theme of being Rooted in Christ to the detail of being Rooted in Christ’s Love. We began with the focus of the time and events surrounding Resurrection Sunday in which we see Jesus making His love available to us on the cross and in His resurrection. As we move from the Gospel record in the New Testament into the book of Acts and the Epistles, we see the disciples becoming apostles and continuing the work Jesus established through His church as it grows and multiplies into many churches in many areas. We see them experiencing and expressing to others the love of Christ in His life, death, and resurrection; as well as the love of the Father in worship and service, through the Holy Spirit helping them as He dwells in them personally and permanently. And today it is our time and our turn to keep continuing the work Jesus came to begin and make possible through His faithful followers here on earth. Just as Esther came to realize that God had prepared her, placed her, and empowered her “for such a time as this,” we too must do the same. We must realize that our creation in birth during this time in history is part of God’s plan. We must understand that God has uniquely gifted us and equipped us for this time in His kingdom plan of His work on earth. Those who came before us had their moment in God’s plan and in our history, but now it is our time. In the past some have been faithful to the Lord and fully used to His glory to accomplish His will on earth, while others hindered their role and still others rejected it altogether. The same is true in our day now. We cannot allow our focus to be captivated by what others do; we must be focused on our own obedience to the Lord in our time in history. The reality is that in our day some will be faithful, some will not, and others will reject it completely. The real question is what part you will have in your time in history. The believers of today are the propagators of what will be in the future through the power and work of God in them and through them. The faithful Prophets of the Old Testament did their part. Jesus thankfully did His part. The Apostles that Jesus prepared and commissioned did their part. The time now is for us to be faithful in doing our part for God’s glory and for His will on earth as it is in Heaven. What about you? What part does God have for you for such a time as this?