Our God is Greater

The Lord God Almighty is the Creator of the universe and He alone is worthy of our worship, praise, and devotion. God is majestic in glory and excellent in power, yet He cares about you and me. God is eternal, yet He is engaged with His temporal creation including you and me. God has made Himself known to us in His creation, in His Word, and even in how He created us. God is holy and He still cares about unholy people like us, providing His holiness in the place of our sin through faith in His Son as our Saviour to cleanse us of our sins. He makes victory available to us through His power and sufficiency if we will trust in Him and obey Him. God provides Salvation for all those who will repent of their sins and put their faith in Jesus Christ. God also makes His grace, mercy, and love known to us who need it, so that we can benefit from it to enjoy a personal relationship with Him for all of eternity. For who He is and for all He makes possible for us, He is truly deserving of our worship. As we sing, as we pray, as we focus our attention on Him and His Word; we are doing what we are created to do and what our Creator is worthy of receiving from us. The greatest joy and fulfillment we humans can ever experience is to come into oneness with the One who created us in His image through His forgiveness and Salvation. Friend, if you have not benefitted from God’s forgiveness of your Sins and His righteousness in your soul, then it is available for you today. Child of God, if you have received His Salvation, then He is deserving of your faithfulness to Him as your Lord and Saviour. Don’t let the world and Satan steal from you the joy and fulfillment that oneness with the Lord can bring to you by honoring Him in your life.