Our God is Awesome!

If you are a child of God, then you are blessed beyond measure. You are blessed with a privilege that no person could ever earn for themselves nor for any other person. Your loving Father in Heaven is the Creator of the universe and all that is in them. Just think of the amazing details in God’s creation. Think about the complexity of the human eye as it is being developed in the mother’s womb and as it is fully developed after birth. Think of the massive size of the planets and stars in our galaxy alone, not to mention all of the others in the universe, and then think of the incredible mechanisms that function on the microscopic level of cells or atoms. Think of the changes in weather even in our own country, not to mention all over our planet, taking place simultaneously. Think about all of the details that go into just the changes of the seasons that all work seamlessly like clockwork, which sets in motion the plant life blossoming forth with new life. Think about all of the various types of life forms on the face of the earth and in the waters upon the earth and how each one has its own natural capacity to reproduce so that life continues on year after year. Think about all of the different systems in God’s creation that He has established to help the entire planet and universe function for all of the years that it has flawlessly and even how God has put within our bodies and the worlds of nature a design to bring healing to itself when damage is inflicted upon it. And it makes me laugh that scientists think their findings are so essential to save the planet, considering God’s plan has been working just fine for all of these years since the beginning of time. And to think that the same God that designed all of creation cared enough about sinners like you and me, who have time and again chosen sin over Him throughout the generations of mankind, that He has made a way for us to have a personal relationship with Him for all of eternity. That is simply amazing! God’s love for us is awesome. God’s patience with us is awesome. God’s grace and mercy to us is awesome. God’s blessings upon us are awesome. Our God is awesome! The real question is, are you 100% sure this awesome God is your God personally. If He is not your Father, then His incredibly awesome power will be experienced by you not in blessings, but wrath in the wrath of His judgement! This is a reality worth considering before it is eternally too late for you personally.