Only God is the Giver of Life

The God of the Bible is the only true and living God. He is the only all-powerful God that is the Creator God. He is also the eternal God who alone can make a dead spirit alive with eternal life. He alone is the Holy One who is the only deity that can forgive our sins and replace it with His perfect, holy righteousness. As the Creator of all things, He created life in creation. He is the cause behind creation and the source of life in creation. He designed creation to reproduce and sustain itself to continue the cycle of life. The recovery of the environment following the Mt. Saint Helen’s eruption of March 16, 1980, is evident proof of the greatness of God in how He has created life to regenerate and sustain itself even from great destruction and pollution. Only God is the giver of life in biology as well as theology. This is why the religions of man are incapable of giving any person spiritual life. This is also why man’s efforts to create his own spiritual life through good works, self-righteousness, or law keeping are insufficient. We are not equipped nor qualified to give ourselves or anyone else spiritual life. Only the Life Giver can give life. Our job as witnesses to the world of Christ and His Gospel is to introduce others to the One they can get life from, who is the Creator and Saviour. He alone can give them eternal spiritual life. Just as God has put within His creation the capacity to reproduce life through the life it has in itself from its Creator, so too is every believer given the capability of reproducing themselves as a believer in others. Just as God has given a clear design of biology to reproduce of the same kind in each life form, so too has He specified how we can share the same message of truth we received for our Salvation with another sinner; so they too can trust in Christ as their Saviour, so they can have eternal spiritual life in Him. Just as man cannot make biology their own definition or application, neither can we make theology what we think it ought to be. The religions of man are attempting to do just that, as are the votes of politicians pushing their progressive, liberal, sinful, social agenda. But God is truly the designer of life and the definer of life and He controls the reality of it all. When a baby is born it truly is created in the image of God, because He designed everything that must work in order for the life to exist and the same is true when a lost soul is born into God’s eternal family by faith. God is the giver of life because He determined the means by which life comes forth in biology and in theology. Without Him we can do nothing!