Offering Ministry to Everyone

The goal for any true church is to be a biblical church that is truly honoring its Head, Jesus Christ. If we are going to be a biblical church, then we must stick to the Bible truths as to what is vital to the ministry of a church in the Lord’s eyes, not our own. The Bible has some clear statements as to what our Head declares to be His will for His churches. Too many churches today are too narrowly focused in their ministry at the exclusion of people that do not fit their target. According to Jesus, our “target” is to be the souls of all people in all places–how we reach that target will involve many different efforts but must still remain obedient to our Lord’s target if we are going to be obedient to our Head as His church. Some churches cater completely to older people so that a younger person does not feel welcome or even wanted in the church. While other churches cater completely to younger people so that any older person is totally marginalized and insignificant, leaving then feeling undesirable to the church. Both of these types of churches do not fit the biblical model nor the will of our Lord. In the Bible, we see the Lord reaching out to young and old and everyone in between who He came in contact with. The people who were reached by the Lord had more to do with who would respond to Him reaching out to them than it did with Him targeting a certain demographic of people. We see religious zealots who respond to Him as well as wicked sinners. We see children welcomed by the Lord as well as their parents. We see young adults being reached out to as well as the elderly. If Summerville Baptist Church is going to continue being a biblical church, then we must keep our ministry outreach in accordance to the Word of God. If you took time to look at the July calendar, you saw that in this month, as well as in every month, we are reaching out to whoever is willing to benefit from our efforts of ministry. We have a ladies Bible study that started this month as well as our monthly men’s prayer breakfast. We had VBS for children as well as the Forge Youth Revival this past week with Evangelist Eric Goetch. We had door to door evangelism as well as the fair booth outreach. And while all of that was going on we regularly offered prayer meetings for men and women as well as the whole church body, worship services for everyone, and time to dig into the Word and ask questions for every age group. The Lord blessed with guests coming to many of these opportunities and being followed up on to make sure they know they are desired and valued here for God’s glory. The Lord also blessed with believers following the Lord in biblical baptism and some inquiring about joining the church body as a member. While all of this was taking place, the Lord was also working in the hearts of people and growing them to His glory in many different ways. This is what is involved in a church being a biblical church. We must continue to follow the truths we see in Scripture if we want to see the blessing of the Lord in producing fruit and growing His church His way in His time.