October 2020 Prayer Letter

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October 2020

Thank you all for your diligent prayers, they HAVE been answered! We arrived in Naples Italy on October 1st with no delays or crazy health checks due to the COVID, however, we did have one suitcase crushed. It showed up on the carousel wrapped in packing tape. I don’t think I lost anything out of it, at least not that I have missed yet. The airlines will be sending us a new suitcase to replace the damaged one, praise the Lord, but that will arrive in Summerville; so, I will be searching for a used suitcase to get us home. We are currently quarantined at home through Thursday of this week. Several of the church members stocked the house with food prior to our arrival and a resupply was delivered a couple days ago.

We are looking forward to being released from ‘captivity’ and getting to church. There are several folks still here from our previous visit two years ago and more that have been added since, which we are excited to meet. The base currently is open, however, has recommended limited travel off base to its personnel. The church is allowed to meet, but there are some church families who elect to stay home to limit their risk of exposure. Campania (which is the region Naples is in) requires face masks be worn everywhere – indoors and outdoors with stiff penalties for offenders; we have heard up to a 1000 euro fine (ballpark of $1000.00). Something we will have to get comfortable wearing I suppose.

We just read that Campania is also considering going back to phase one lock down for the Naples area,  we ask for your diligent prayers that this will not happen, as you all know how that affects ministry.  Please pray for our time here that it would be fruitful and also for our return flights in mid-December.  The airlines has already changed our flight out of here and we are hoping not to have to go through that again. Lastly, pray for the church and its family here as they serve the military and deal with overseas life in these crazy days.

Semper Fidelis,

John and Debbie Martin