“O Give Thanks to the Lord”

This week we will have many opportunities to reflect on the goodness of God and give Him praise and thanksgiving for His wonderful goodness shown to us all. This morning and this evening, we will be expressing thanksgiving to the Lord in our worship services. Our noon meal together will be another opportunity to fellowship together and express our thanksgiving to the Lord for His wonderful blessings that He has provided. I also hope that you will join us this Tuesday evening for our Thanksgiving Praise Service at 7PM as we gather for our midweek service. This will be a time to sing songs of praise to the Lord and give thanks to the Lord as we think about the blessings of this past year in our lives personally and corporately as a church family. If you have not taken time to put a leaf on our thanksgiving tree in the foyer, please do. If you have not taken time to read some of the expressions of thanksgiving on the tree, please do. They will bless your heart and, I imagine, you will find yourself echoing many, if not all, of the things expressed by others on the thanksgiving tree. Let me encourage you to take advantage of this season of thanksgiving and be mindful all year long of how blessed we are as Americans and as Christians if you know the Lord as your Saviour. The poorest of Americans are for the most part better off in this country than many people in many other countries in the world. The opportunities that we have in America far surpass most every other nation in the world. God has richly blessed our nation throughout our history and, in recent days, we are being blessed greatly again. This holiday originated in this country as an expression of thanks to our Creator for His blessings unto us as a people. But not only do we have material blessings for which to give thanks, we have innumerable spiritual blessings to acknowledge with thanksgiving to the Lord. We enjoy many of these spiritual blessings already in our earthly existence, but many more are awaiting us in eternity with the Lord. The Bible calls us to thanksgiving in many places, and it is on us to answer the call and take part in giving thanks unto the Lord for He is good!