Now What?

The Lord has blessed us here at Summerville Baptist Church. Last week was a wonderful celebration of the sixty-six years of history for the ministry and the thirty years of ministry for Pastor Steve and Sister Sharon in the youth ministry. So now what? What is next for Summerville Baptist Church? We press on in being faithful to the Lord until His return. We press on in evangelism both here at home and around the world; our Missions Revival at the end of the month is a vital part of that endeavor. There are more nations for us to be represented in, more national pastors in restricted nations for us to support, more communities needing biblical churches to be planted, and more people to reach with the Gospel right here at home in our valley. We need more servants of the Lord taking on service in the ministry of God here in His church in Summerville. We need every member to be ministering and supporting the ministry of the church that they are a part of in this place. We need to pray for the Lord to keep building His church in this place, and we need to be yielded tools in His hands for Him to use to build it in the way He chooses. We need to keep inviting people to be our guests and be welcoming to guests when they come to make them feel at home. We need to keep helping people come to church by providing them a ride on the busses and by offering them a ride in our own vehicles. We need to keep making progress in our ministry, our facilities, and our effectiveness in the work God has called us to do with Him through His church here in Summerville. We need to keep training servants for service, growing believers to be maturing saints of God, and reaching the lost with the Gospel to be born into God’s family forever. We need to keep walking with God in His Word, being filled with His Spirit and power, and showing the love of Jesus to those around us all the time. We need to keep making progress to be the kind of church God wants us to be and being faithful to His plan for His churches until He comes to take us on up to eternity with Him. We need to be a greater influence of righteousness in our community and stand against wickedness, not allowing ourselves to become worldly as a Christian or as a church.  We need to be faithful to our Saviour, to His Word, and to prepare ourselves for our accountability to Him as our Judge. Will you help your church be what God wants it to be?