Never Forget

There are many things in our lives and in our history that we should never forget. We should never forget the attacks on our nation in our homeland by Islamic Terrorists, and the tremendous loss of life on that day and over the past twenty years as we have been combatting terrorists on their own soil. We should never forget the destruction of life and the cruelty of racism that has torn at our nation from the days of slavery to the Civil War and the Civil Rights efforts of the fifties and sixties, and even to our current days of showing favoritism to certain groups over the rest of society. Just like the quota system of Jimmy Carter made our nation less successful, so too will the current efforts of Critical Race Theory make us weaker as a nation, not to mention how unbiblical it is. We should never forget the professions of people who serve to protect us as citizens in this land. The law enforcement, fire services, military, EMS, first responders, and sincere medical professionals that truly serve to protect each of us and serve for our good in our times of need are truly worthy of our support, appreciation, and respect. In our current society, we are losing the value of public service by the lawlessness by some citizens that is not being prosecuted and the uncivil messaging by many politicians. We also should never forget how this current pandemic has been politicized and weaponized to destroy our economy and to excuse too much unconstitutional government overreach. Unfortunately, we have been lied to, misinformed, and manipulated by so many that we should be able to trust that we do not know who we can believe for true data and facts. There is no denying that it is a real virus that is really deadly to many, but how it has been managed and manipulated for financial gain and political power is much in question. We should also never forget where we were when God saved us from our sins and where we could be in sin without His grace and mercy in our lives. We should never forget the price that was paid by our Saviour to redeem us from the destruction and eternal death of our sinful condition. Nor should we ever forget the final words of our Saviour before returning to Heaven in the command and commission He gave to us to spread His saving message of the Gospel to every one in every place. Never Forget is the appropriate motto for these and many other facts of history!