Men are Vital to Society

Satan is succeeding in destroying our society, and His attack on earth began with the family. The strength of any society is based on its citizens, and the strength of individuals is largely the result of the family they were brought up in as a child. Satan is relentless in his assault on the family because he wants to destroy lives by destroying the family. We can see the evidence of his agents who are yielding to his control in our society by those who are working against God’s design for marriage, for sexuality, for family, and for life. We have politicians, educators, and sadly even religious leaders who are doing everything they can to undermine, redefine, and malign God’s principles for family, morality, and society. Our nation is losing the blessings of God because the god of our nation is no longer the true God. Thankfully, when our nation was founded, the majority of people who were involved were God fearing people at the least and many were true Bible believing, born again, followers of Jesus as their Saviour. But sadly, we have come a long way from our beginnings. We have politicians today that run on a platform of change for the nation and society, but sadly the progress they are pushing is progressing further away from biblical norms at a faster pace. The progressive agenda is not for the positive good of our nation, but in reality, it is for the demise of it into something very different and not for the better. When any one is pushing for more killing of humans, less sexual purity, less law and order, less personal responsibility, and more restriction on freedoms, you know they are moving us away from God’s plan. Studies done on the wellbeing of children historically show that God’s plan for families is the best plan for children on every level of wellbeing and every alteration to it has negative consequences on society. We need men to be the men God has called them to be spiritually, sexually, ethically, and financially. We need men raising children to honor God in their life by showing them how to do it. We need boys who have a good and Godly father to show them how to be a good and Godly man for the improvement of the society and the blessing of God on it. Men you matter! You matter to the family, the society, the economy, and to the spiritual wellbeing of the future. It is high time for men everywhere to step up and obey God’s call to biblical manhood. Follow the example of Jesus who, as a man, willingly and successfully fulfilled God’s plan for His time on earth.