Memorial Day

Memorials are reminders of significant things, people, and events that have been part of our history to get us where we are currently because of the legacy that has been delivered to us. Memorials help us remember the past in order to help us preserve the present and experience the future better. Civil War memorials help us remember the great price paid to abolish slavery and keep our nation “one nation under God.” Holocaust memorials help us remember the evil of human arrogance and pride in believing one type of human is superior to another and one type of human is the cause of our problems in society. Military battle memorials help us remember that freedom is not free, and many have given their lives for the freedoms we enjoy as Americans every day. Grave memorials remind us of those we love who have lived their lives and gone on into eternity before us. God’s Word is also a memorial that God has given to those who are willing to learn from it. A will is a memorial of a person’s life lived and the things they accumulated in their lives and how they want it distributed to those they have loved along life’s journey. When we build our new multipurpose building, it will be a memorial to many people who included this ministry in their will. Myrabel Crowley left money in her will for the new kitchen and Margret Yates left a sizable sum to the church and it will be used for that building as well. Memorials tell us much about our past, and if we are willing to learn from what they can teach us, they can help us make our future better by not repeating so many mistakes of the past. I trust we have all learned some lessons from this current pandemic-and our government leaders as well-so that the next novel crisis we face can be handled better, less dramatically, and less detrimentally than our current situation of mounting debt, unemployment, and destroyed businesses and lives. I agree we need to strive to save as many lives as possible, but we should not destroy lives as we seek to save lives. Those who are most vulnerable need to continue to use greater caution, those who are healthy need to maintain healthy hygiene (as they should have been doing all along), and those who are infected  and sick need to keep themselves isolated as should be done anytime you are sick to keep from spreading it to others. Memorials are important for us all. Lessons need to be learned by us all through the events of our lives and our history. It is critical that the adults of a current generation explain the memorials left behind by the previous generation clearly to the next generation so that the future generation can benefit more from what hopefully they never have to experience in their own lives. That, my friend, is exactly what Psalm 78 says should happen. Give it a read for yourself.