Meet for the Master’s Use in these Last Days of this Last Time

II Timothy 2:21

“If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master’s use, and prepared unto every good work.”

As we have seen in other passages, the Bible is very clear that we are in the last days. I personally believe that we are in the concluding days of the last days. It is not time for us to relax and become complacent right before crossing the finish line of God’s work on earth through His church in this place and His churches all around the world. I shared this passage in our staff meeting this week and as I was preparing that devotional, I was reminded of the message last week as we looked at being a useful tool in the hand of God to do His work on earth through His faithful people. God is going to use the most effective tools to do His work. A master craftsman is going to use the best tool for a certain task in building his masterpiece. Being a vessel of honor fit for the Master’s use has more to do about us being yielded, available, and honorable for the Lord to use than it does with how God has made us. I have heard people unbiblically and noncontextually interpret this to excuse themselves of their spiritual carnality and disinterest because they believe that God made them that way and it is just their lot in life. No traditional Biblicist would ever accept that from a person trying to excuse their sexual perversion and deviation from God’s design for human anatomy and sexuality, but too many Christians believe the same lie of Satan when it comes to their lack of faithfulness to God and their usefulness for God’s work on earth today. The grammar of God’s Word is very clear and the burden of availability and usefulness is on us and not God. We need to purge ourselves from things that hinder us from being usable by God for His glory on earth. We need to live our lives in the truth of being set apart for God’s glory in the Salvation that we received from Him. We need to keep ourselves teachable by God in His Word and controlled by His Spirit so we can be prepared unto every good work that He desires for us. Then, we can be used by Him as He does His work on earth through His vessels of honor meet for the Master’s use. Then, we will bring Him the glory He deserves as He uses us to His glory in doing the work that only He can do through His children who obey Him as they can and should.