Loving Like God Loves

John 13:34-35

God calls His children- who have been born into His family by trusting His Son as their Saviour and have His Spirit and His love living in them- to love as He loves. Every true believer in this room today would agree with that statement, especially after reading the above Scripture. However, we always try to justify our unloving behaviors instead of confessing them, owning the responsibility of them, and admitting the sinfulness of them in order to experience forgiveness from them. We want to say things like “that is just how I am” or “I didn’t mean that” or you made me so mad I could not help myself” or “this is how God made me.” God declares that our relationships as His children and with others of His children are supposed to be a witness and a visual display of God’s love to the lost. The sad reality is that too many people calling themselves Christians are not showing anyone anything close to God’s kind of love. Every home, every church, every community, every soul must first experience God’s love in their life before they can show God’s love from their life unto others. Every true believer should have healthy, loving relationships that they are a part of and that are bringing God glory and being a witness to those who are watching. We cannot be unloving and have any credibility talking about God’s love to others. This is why so many marriages are divisive, so many children are estranged from their parents, and why so many Christians doubt their Salvation. The reality of God’s love being in us and being shown from us unto others solves all of these issues in our families, our churches, and in our nation. God’s love is the remedy to the greatest problems of every society on earth. This is why being a witness to the lost is the greatest solution to the greatest problems of mankind. Even in this issue of so called “climate change” or “global warming,” God’s love can make a difference. If we experience God’s love in us and show forth God’s love from us unto others, then we will not live carelessly in our polluting of the earth nor will we value the earth over human life. God has called us to be a witness to the lost in our living and in our speaking, in our homes and in the world, displaying and speaking of His love to us and to others. Jesus said how we love is how people will know we are God’s children and His followers. I John 4:7 says that if we are in God’s family by God’s love and know God personally in His love, then we should know how to love like God loves.