Living Like Our Heavenly Father

I John 2:5-6

“But whoso keepeth his word, in him verily is the love of God perfected:

hereby know we that we are in him.

He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk,

even as he walked.”

Jesus told the people of His day that if they had looked upon Him, then they had seen the Father. Jesus obviously had an advantage over us in that He was the “only begotten of the father,” but if we are truly engaged as a follower of Jesus then His life should show up in how we live life here on earth in our fleshly existence. If we are truly in God’s family and have God’s Spirit living in us, then there should be a family resemblance of our Heavenly Father and His only begotten Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ. This is what the lost souls of this world are missing when they watch the witness of the lives of the children of God as they live with us here on earth. Just like the DNA of our genetic make-up from our physical family shows up in how we look, speak, and live is very much a reality of our existence, so too should be the family traits of our spiritual family in Christ. It should be obvious to lost sinners if we are truly part of a different family spiritually than they are, if we truly are born into God’s family. Even the religious lost souls of this world should see some kind of evident different in how the true children of God live on this earth than they live. His love ought to be seen in our words, deeds, and attitudes as we live life in front of those around us. His Word ought to be lived out in our living life in such a way that others see the difference God is making in our lives compared to theirs. If we are truly following God’s Son, yielding to God’s Spirit, and obeying God’s Word, then every person should have a living color, life sized testimony of Jesus in front of them every day in every place that matches their message of God’s generous grace, mercy, love, and truth that is coming out of their mouth. This is God’s plan in reaching the world and the reason we do not see it working better is due to many who say they believe it but are not living as if they truly do. When God’s people truly live out God’s will for them, then revival and evangelization take place in the lives of people here on earth in mighty ways.