Life and Liberty

It is not surprising that there are people who are trying to destroy and redefine our nation to be something very different than “one nation under God” as it has been for many years. Satan is clearly opposed to any and all things that are good and godly or wholesome and moral. We have seen in the media that there are many who are advancing the cause of death in our society in an aggressive way. We see it in the abortion issue recently addressed by the Supreme Court. Also, in human trafficking leading to the deaths of many, as well as the drug flow leading to the death of thousands, both of which are due to the crisis at our southern border. Satan is all about death and destruction, and it all began in the garden of Eden with his attack on humanity with Adam and Eve. Satan’s opposition to God began even before that in Heaven when he was a created being as an angel who was one of God’s ministering spirits. Satan’s fall from Heaven due to his rebellion against God in his pride and self-exaltation is recorded for us in the record of Scripture in Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28. In both passages, he is linked with and likened to kings of nations of the earth.  Satan uses human nature against humans in his distain and rebellion against God even today, and he often does it through leaders in any nation. Look at the death and destruction that Satan has accomplished against humanity throughout history through human leaders of nations over the years. Three glaring examples to me in history are Hitler against the Jews, the Supreme Court’s decision of 1973 that made abortion on demand legal in our nation against state decisions, and the human slavery that is rampant even today in many nations. Even though it is not legal in our nation, there are evil people even here that are tools of Satan who use their power over others to control them as slaves for their own purposes. Satan is powerful at using human nature against humans to destroy humanity, but I am so glad that God is greater than Satan as the Almighty and only true God. The power of God at work in the lives of His people is the only hope for humanity here on earth and in eternity. Satan will always try to use humans to hinder the work of God on earth, sadly even humans who are children of God. When God’s children live in sin and in rebellion to God and His will for their lives, they are helping Satan hinder the work of God in the world. Today, I want to encourage and challenge all of us to keep ourselves as a tool in God’s hand to do His work on earth and not a tool in Satan’s hand to do his work while we are here on earth.