Lessons Learned

During this time of pandemic and panic in our nation and in the nations of the world, it is critical that we do not fail to learn some lessons from this experience so we do not miss out on the benefit this can have in our lives and in the lives of others in the future. We need to learn that those who are well educated and learned professionals make mistakes in their judgments and should be careful before drawing conclusive declaration about the unknown realities of things not experienced yet. We also need to realize that the best predictions with bad information are bad predictions. We also need to learn that sick people need to be quarantined from healthy people and vulnerable people in order to keep from spreading a novel virus, not be forced to quarantine with them. As we live life, if we do not learn lessons from the experiences along the journey, then often we end up repeating those same mistakes in the future. Unfortunately, too many people do not remember the past protests of our nation and how what often begins peacefully by well-meaning people to speak out against what is wrong is used by an evil element for their own evil ends. We also need to realize that the act of a few bad officers is not an excuse for destroying the property of uninvolved citizens and selfishly looting from private business owners. I do not see any protestors speaking out for the black officer killed this week by rioters in St. Louis, MO, and the other officers who have been killed and injured by rioters in past two weeks following the needless and senseless killing of George Floyd by a rouge officer in a messed up city with an under staffed policed department. I have not heard anyone speaking out about the hundreds of people killed and wounded just in Chicago this year from gang gunfire or the 92 officers killed in the line of duty so far this year. We live in a nation of laws with a judicial system that does work if it is worked justly. We have also seen that there has been corruption even in the FBI and justice seems to be being served now, but that does not mean all FBI agents are corrupt. We all know Christians who are not always as Christian as they ought to be and have heard of Pastors who are less than honorable, but that does not mean every Christian or Pastor is bad. We also need to realize the solution to bad people in a good organization is not to disband the whole organization. If we defund police, who will be standing against the criminal and evil element of our society on a regular basis? I am thankful for faithful servants in our community that support our peace, and I am thankful for faithful servants in God’s work in His church here, as well as biblical churches all over. I am thankful for Bro. Rob being with us today. The Lord brought him into my life many years ago, and I have learned from my experiences with him. He is a faithful sower of the Gospel seed no matter where he is, and I am glad we can invest in his service with our Lord.