Law Enforcement Memorial Day May 15

The month of May is known for Memorial Day when graves of loved ones are decorated and those who have served our nation and given the ultimate sacrifice of service are to be remembered. Unfortunately, we are living in a generation that is not being taught much of the accuracy of our nation’s history, and we are losing appreciation for our heritage as a nation. We live in a culture where many young people do not know the basis of how or even why our nation was founded, much less the Constitution upon which it was built. Yesterday, May 15, was another significant day of memorial and remembrance that is being forgotten by many who live in our nation as things continue to deteriorate. It is Law Enforcement Memorial Day and has been set aside to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in being killed in the line of duty. Sadly, we are living in a day that we are seeing the numbers of officers killed in the line of duty on the rise. Recently, two officers in our nation were shot and killed coming out of their home on their way to go to work. In the past decade, we have seen a dramatic deterioration of respect for those who serve to protect us and an increase of hostility against those who serve with honor. Some want to focus on the small percentage of bad officers at the expense of the vast majority who serve with honor. Too many have taken the initial news reports that inflame the public but ignore the result of thorough investigation that the news media rarely gives as much press to because it is not nearly as sensational. It is not surprising to most individuals that the result of much of the defunding of police in many metropolitan areas has resulted in a sharp increase in violent crimes and a long delay in response times to crime. We all need to realize there are bad representative of every field of work. There is isolated corruption in every line of work. Sadly, it is true in my line of work, as a pastor, and whatever line of work you do as well, even in politicians as we all know full well. The Bible still says to show honor to whom honor is due in Roman 13:7 and that there is no greater love to show than to lay down your life for your friend in John 15:13. Those who serve honorably and lay their life down every time they go to work should be given the honor that they are due. Those who sacrifice their very life in service should be remembered with honor. Join with me to pray for and express appreciation to those who serve to protect us from the evil around us so we can enjoy a peaceful life.