Joyous Incarnation Celebration

Some Christians object to celebrating Christmas because of some of the pagan parallels connected to it and some see as its origin. I, personally, like to focus on the biblical truths that are communicated in the different traditions and aspects of our Christmas celebrations. But for those who reject celebrating Christmas, I suggest considering your focus to be upon the incarnation of our Saviour, Jesus Christ who is at the center of this celebration. The Jewish tradition focuses on Hannukah at this time of year with the Menorah lights being lit and the festival of light celebrating God’s provision of oil to keep the lights of the Menorah burning and aiding in their protection. Regardless of when someone thinks Jesus was born, the fulfillment of God’s promise to send His Messiah is truly something worth celebrating and recognizing indeed. My personal focus of my Christmas celebration is really about celebrating the incarnation of God coming to earth in human form, Emmanuel, God with us! The greatest focus of this season for believers in Christ should be Christ at Christmas as well as all year long.  Just as I preached last Sunday night, Christians should always seek to keep Christ the focus of Christmas in celebrating His incarnation. Just like I wrote about in a recent Pastor’s Paragraph, only a Christian can really celebrate the true focus of Christmas as being Christ. So, you can say Merry Christmas if you want to, or you can say Joyous Incarnation Celebration if you want to, either way you are keeping your focus on Christ. Only Christ was God in the flesh that came in human form by way of Mary His mother, but not by way of Joseph. Jesus is the Son of God and not the son of Joseph. Jesus was the Son of man by way of Mary, but not by way of Joseph. If Jesus was the Son of Joseph, then He would also be the Son of Adam, and, therefore, He would have a sin nature and be under the curse of death because in Adam all have died according to I Corinthians 15:22. Also, according to Romans 5:12-21, if Jesus was the son of Joseph, then He could not be our Saviour and die in our place as a sinless sacrifice because He would have His own sin issue, just as us. But because Jesus is the one man that was born of God, we can be made alive in Him as we receive Him by faith. The incarnation of Christ is an inextricable part of Christmas for me.