“Jesus’ Last Command Should be Our First Concern”

If you were here in either of our Wednesday services, you would have heard Missionary John Pinnix of Remote Alaskan Mission use this quote in his sermons. This quote is one he heard  from a long-time preacher friend and mentor. Jesus said in John 14:15, “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” We also see that “God is love” according to I John 4:8 & 16. According to I John 4:7, we see that if we know God and His love is in us, then we will love Him and others; therefore, by having His love in us, it will help us to obey Him because we love Him. Love is the basis of our relationship with our Lord. Our love for Him is our motivation to serve, to worship, and to obey Him– making Him and His will important to us because of our love for Him. However, our love for Him is not natural to ourselves, nor is it enabled by our own abilities; it is His love that He offers to us first that makes all of this possible in our lives. According to I John 4:19, it is His love in us that enables us to love Him, in saying, “We love him because he first loved us.” So, the Bible is very clear in this matter of loving God and obeying God and loving others in obedience to God. It is all possible by having His love in us, and it is not possible if we do not have His love in us. When we struggle with obeying the Lord, we need to look at our love for the Lord. The more we love the Lord and the more we love others, then the more we will obey Him in His final command to us and tell others of their need of Jesus in their lives for Salvation and forgiveness of their sins, so they can spend eternity with Him in His home in Heaven. Jesus made His final command very clear to His followers and it is still His will for His followers today. When we give account for our faithfulness to the Lord as His child since Salvation, His final command is going to be part of our accountability to Him as our Lord and Master. Therefore, it should be our greatest concern of obedience as we follow Him in our lives and live for Him as His children here on earth. Satan’s children need to hear God’s truth so they can know how they can become His children and spend eternity with Him. He has given us the responsibility to do that very thing with His love and grace as His ambassadors while we are here.