It is Time to Seek the Lord in Knowing Him

All religious people know about God. Unfortunately, for many religious people in many religions of man, what they know about God is not true nor accurate according to what God says in His Word. There is an eternal difference between knowing about God and truly knowing God. Even the word “know” has many different variations in terms of truly being a child of God. You can know facts about God without knowing Him experientially as Heavenly Father. You can know His name and even call out to His name without truly trusting in Him as Saviour. Eternity with God in Heaven is more than knowing words or names or facts. Having our sins cleansed by Jesus Christ in order to be part of God’s family is more than knowing truth in your head. I know the name of the president and many famous people. I know where the president and some other famous people live. I know a lot of facts about these famous people. However, if I was to go to the White House and try to knock on the door and try to enter the White House, there are several very well-trained Marines that would stop me abruptly and haul me away in hand cuffs before I even got very close at all. The reason is the difference in knowing and truly knowing relationally or being known by the president. In part of Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount recorded in Matthew 7:21-23, we see Jesus rejecting people who thought they were right with Him and thought they were serving Him but they never were because they did not do it His way. God is God and we are not, therefore, we come to relationship with Him His way or no way at all. His way is recorded in His Word that He gave to us not in the religious writings of man from their own imaginations. Seeking the Lord to Know Him is like what happened to Mary when the angel came to announce God’s will for her in being the mother of Jesus. She was listening to the angel give her God’s message for her and she was seeking to know the reality of what he was saying to her about being highly favored by God when she said, “How can this be, seeing I know not a man?” When she submitted to God’s Word and God’s will, then she experienced God’s promise of becoming the mother of the Son of God in a miraculous event known as the Incarnation of Christ. She did not conceive until she believed and agreed with God based upon the promise of God. We do not receive Christ in our lives as our Saviour until we receive the truth of Him by faith in His Word about what He did for us and our need of Him to work in us because of our sinful condition.