It is TIME to SEEK the LORD

This is our ministry theme for the new year, and I pray that we will all do exactly that even more in the year to come. Our time here on planet earth to serve the Lord and win the lost to Christ is waning rapidly, and it is time to get serious about making a difference while we are here. I want to encourage each of you to take a step or two forward in your commitment with the Lord in this new year that lays ahead. Don’t just maintain where you are spiritually, but instead challenge yourself to seek the Lord more in His Word this year than last year. Don’t be complacent with how things are spiritually, but instead press forward to serve the Lord in new ways in the coming year. If you are not doing any kind of ministry currently, start serving the Lord in His church this year. If you only come to one service, start coming to two or maybe even three or perhaps even every service. If you are not tithing faithfully now, then starting tithing on your income each pay check this year. If you are tithing but not giving in faith missions, then keep what you are doing and add what you are not yet doing in the new year this month. If you are not accustomed to handing out tracts regularly or helping to spread the Gospel in some active way, then let this year be the year you step it up a bit with the Lord and begin taking an active role in obeying the Great Commission for God’s glory. It is time for all of God’s people to get off the sidelines and get into the action of seeking and serving the Lord more and more as we see the day of His returning getting closer and closer. There are too many of God’s people who are spectators in what God is doing, but they are not engaged in the process of being part of God using them for His glory in getting things done. God wants all of His children to be living for His glory and doing His will to make an eternal difference while we are here living with Him until we go to Heaven to live with Him there eternally. I pray this year will be the best year for God’s glory in each of our lives.